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L. Wittbecker


Lennart Wittbecker, 20-year-old business student in his third year at DHBW Mosbach, is a MJW co-founder. He excels academically, serves as a class rep, completed an international business program, and studied at the University of California. Lennart is interested in finance, geopolitics, and self-improvement. He enjoys sports, running, weightlifting, and reading. He is dedicated to personal and professional growth, making him a driven and enthusiastic individual with diverse interests.



Special interests:
Consulting, Venture Capital, Finance, Geopolitics, AI

Age: 20


Next Steps:
Lennart's next steps include finishing his bachelor studies in 2024. After completing his undergraduate degree, he is considering pursuing a master's program in business administration.


C. Jung


Under the umbrella of inspiring people to find their ambition, Constantin is open to learning and growing together. With previous experience in developing projects for an alumni association, he has experience in team-oriented project work. In addition to brainstorming in the office, Constantin is also up for a kick on the sports field, as a committed goalkeeper. Starting in September of this year, Constantin will be studying economics at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut as part of the class of 2027.



Special interests: Wall Street, consulting, venture capital, startups.


Age: 20


Next Steps: Constantin has secured an M&A internship with JLL for the summer of 2023 and is currently searching for a suitable internship opportunity for 2024.


M. Hick


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